Do I Need To Hire A Storage Unit When Moving House?

Moving House

Moving home can be complicated by several factors that can mess with timelines and any plans you have to move directly from one home to another. 

These are the occasions that hiring a secure storage unit is the optimum solution. Knowing your belongings are safe and sound makes the whole process of moving—or a delay in moving—less stressful.

Moving Abroad

It may be that your job is taking you abroad, or you have plans to retire to a warmer climate than the Isle of Wight. However, it may not be feasible to move the contents of your home in the UK to another country for several reasons.

Suppose you are only relocating for a short time. In that case, it may be more appropriate to store your furniture and household goods in a secure storage facility rather than pay the sometimes exorbitant taxes on importing them, never mind the cost of shipping them to another country.

You may decide to rent out your home on the IOW but prefer to do so unfurnished. Using our storage solutions is an excellent way to ensure your property is secure. At Isle of Wight Removals & Storage, we can store your items in our dry weatherproofed warehouse – we can even crate them up for you in our large 7’x7’x 5’ packing crates.

Need To Redecorate?

A new house sometimes requires some TLC or maybe even some drastic renovations. 

It is so much easier to do any house repairs or decoration in an empty building. 

The plan may have been to have everything done by moving day, but not everything goes according to plan. 

Booking a storage unit can help avoid problems in this process.

A Storage Unit Can Help You Declutter

Selling your own house is usually part of the package of moving. However, to sell, you need your house to look its best. Here is where temporarily storing your excess items—or clutter—can help you make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Decluttering your home before moving is an excellent idea. Start by booking a storage unit into which you can decant your ‘to keep’ and ‘not too sure what to do with’ items. You may need more time to decide what you are going to part with.

Decluttering is a trend with a lot of positive feedback in terms of freeing up space and time and improving your overall health. However, it is not a task completed in a day. If you are downsizing, then you will have to part with some of your items. Storing them in a unit allows you some extra time to think and make the decisions that suit you and your family. 

Get in touch with us to discover what we can offer. We will have a storage solution that will suit you. From fully insured removal vans, trained and experienced personnel and storage solutions to suit every occasion, we are the company to contact when considering your move.