Top Tips For Moving Abroad

Decided to move abroad? Exciting and daunting, but we have some tips that can help make your move go smoothly. You could be moving abroad for work, or as a planned retirement to somewhere you love to visit, often a tad warmer than the UK! The key to moving abroad, as with any move, is preparation. 

Prepare For Anything – Including Surprises

What you are planning is huge. Preparation will go a long way toward smoothing out any hiccups. But you are heading to a different way of life. That may be why you are moving, but being an ex-pat has its own learning curve. 

Generally speaking, it can take a good 6-months to feel settled, so do not worry about things being different. Often those differences are what attracted you in the first place. Have an open mind, and those differences fade away. 

You will soon start absorbing the culture you came to find. However, our tips will help make the whole moving abroad a lot less stressful.

Visit Your Intended Destination In Advance

You may have chosen your destination because of the many happy holidays there. However, living somewhere can be different, especially if it is a holiday resort with clearly defined seasons. So try and visit out of season before you move and get to know the ex-pat community already there. 

Even if you want to become a local, settled ex-pats will have the information you need—basics like how to get electricity, wi-fi and a local sim card. 

Many countries have different rules and regulations from what you know. Learning about the local laws, especially regarding residency visas, driving licenses and healthcare provisions, is essential.

Get As Much Info As You Can About Your New Home

Join ex-pats blogs & forums for your intended destination. Some are very good at sharing information and advice – so try a few, not just one. It is also a good idea to try and learn the local language. 

Often you can do this in the UK, plus many ex-pat communities have language learning groups, another reason to get to know them! Finally, you can fly solo and become ‘native’ once you have a few skills and local resources safely learnt.

Plan Your Removal Services Well In Advance

First, you need to research who can organise an international removal, the options of how to transport your items. It could be by ships, planes or lorries, or all three, depending on your destination. You will want to know the timings for all these, as you do not want to arrive too far in advance of your furniture.

Often best to plan to stay in a hotel before moving into your new home. Maybe a week in advance of the arrival of your belongings, allowing you to organise utilities and familiarise yourself with your property in advance of the appearance of your belongings. 

Moving can be quite a chore, packing all your belongings especially. However, most respectable removal firms, like Isle Of Wight Removals & Storage, offer a packing service by trained, experienced personnel. The cost may be slightly more than doing it yourself, but that cost ensures your goods get to where they are going intact. Plus, you save a lot of hassle and time, which lowers your stress and makes the transition to moving abroad so much more pleasant.

If you are travelling for work, the company will provide everything you need. In that case, you may well want to secure your belongings in the UK in secure storage. This storage solution can also be helpful if you haven’t found a property to buy or rent before your move. Also, you may be keeping your UK property but want to store expensive and precious items somewhere with 24/7 security.

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