3 Tips For Making An Easy Transition To The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a picturesque part of the UK, and while offering a slower pace of life compared to other areas in the UK, it does have plenty to offer residents and visitors. The tips we are looking at here are points for consideration if you are relocating from within the UK or Internationally.

Do Your Homework

Whatever reason you are moving, you should consider several points to ensure you find the best fit for the lifestyle you want. For example, you could be moving for work, to be nearer family, for retirement, a change of pace, or you have fallen in love with the IOW – which is easy to do

Some of the things you should think about include,

  • Schooling
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Freetime activities
  • Travelling and transportation
  • Shopping
  • Culture offerings

Do your research, talk to the islanders, and maybe join an online community. Remember, even if you have stayed on the IOW before, living there will be completely different. 

Go Local Wherever Your Can

Go walk-about, talk to your neighbours, find the local shops. Visit the library, it is an excellent place to discover local notice boards and info. Join a local community group, online or locally based – a great way of meeting new friends and finding out important information like the best plumber, handyman, butcher, and all the other necessary people you need to run a household.

Going local also includes your removal service. Who knows the IOW better than a firm based on the island? Isle Of Wight Removals is a well-established company that offers International removal & packing services alongside customised storage if needed. Arranging a stress-free removal goes a long way in helping you transition to a new place.

You may have never lived in a tourist area before, which can make a difference in your lifestyle. With 402 million visitors in 2020—a significant number—plus 20% of the island’s income is derived from tourism, currently worth about half a billion pounds to the island’s economy. However, at the height of the season, travelling around and from the island can be slower and more crowded.

Go Exploring

Remember, the Isle of Wight is an Island. So you cannot really get lost! Maybe a bit turned around, but enjoy this as the island is known for its scenic views. The IOW is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (one of only six in the UK) and is recognised as one of the best areas in the world to explore. Walking around places is the best way to familiarise yourself with the area. Download local apps; this is another easy way to get to know what is and isn’t available in your area. The IOW is also a perfect area to cycle. So head out on your own or with the family. There are plenty of cycles to hire if you have not got your own – yet!

Transportation to and from the mainland is something, in particular, you will need to discover, especially if you want to commute to the mainland. The island has ferries, hovercraft and two non-commercial, light aircraft airports. Southern Vectis runs public bus transport with regular routes from town to town and throughout the countryside. There are also train routes. Try a scenic day out on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. For a faster journey, check out the Island line.

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