Items and Tools for an Easier House Move

Planning a move to a new home on the enchanting Isle of Wight? Preparing for a house move can be an exciting but challenging endeavour.

To ensure a seamless transition, it’s essential to have the right items and tools at your disposal. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential items and tools that will make your house move a breeze.

Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

Cardboard packing boxes

First on the list are sturdy moving boxes and packing materials.

These come in various sizes to accommodate your belongings. Don’t forget packing paper, bubble wrap, and reliable packing tape to protect your possessions during transit.

Furniture Dollies and Hand Trucks

Hotel with moving dollies filled with stacked boxes

Moving heavy furniture can be a daunting task. Invest in furniture dollies and hand trucks to simplify the process.

These tools allow you to manoeuvre large items with ease, reducing the risk of strain or injury.

Packing Tape and Dispensers

packing tape dispenser

Properly sealing and securing your boxes is paramount. Ensure you have ample packing tape and reliable dispensers on hand for a secure packing job.

Fragile Item Protection

Woman wrapping up delicate plates in bubble wrap and placing them into boxes

For delicate items like glassware and mirrors, consider using specialised packing materials such as dish barrels and mirror boxes.

These provide an extra layer of protection during transit.

Moving Blankets and Furniture Covers

Furniture covered in blanket sheets ready for removals

To safeguard your furniture and prevent scratches or damage, invest in moving blankets and furniture covers. These protective layers will cushion your items during the move.

Tools for Disassembly and Assembly

Allen key tool set

Many pieces of furniture may require disassembly and reassembly during the move. Keep essential tools like Allen keys and screwdrivers readily available for this purpose.

Labeling Supplies

Boxes labelled with white tape

Organisation is key to a smooth move. Utilise markers and labels to clearly indicate the contents of each box and its designated room. 

This simple step will greatly simplify the unpacking process.

Moving Straps and Harnesses

Man using harness to lift and move heavy couch

Heavy lifting can strain your back and shoulders. Consider using moving straps and harnesses to evenly distribute the weight, reducing the risk of injury.

First Aid Kit

Small first aid kit

Safety always comes first. Keep a well-equipped first aid kit on hand for any minor injuries that may occur during the move.

Moving Apps and Checklists

Woman writing a moving checklist whilst surrounded by boxes

In today’s digital age, various apps and checklists are designed to streamline the moving process.

These tools can help you stay organised and ensure nothing gets overlooked.


With these essential items and tools in your moving toolkit, your house move on the Isle of Wight will be a well-prepared and stress-free experience. For professional assistance with your relocation needs, consider our trusted removals and storage services on the island.

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