Do You Need To Apply For A Visa To Move To The Isle of Wight?

If you are a UK, EEA, EU or Swiss citizen, you do not require a visa to move to the mild climate of the Isle of Wight and Brexit is not expected to change that. The right for an EU citizen to remain in the UK before applying for a visa remains at six months.

If you are a non-resident in the UK, buying a home on the IOW or anywhere in the UK will not grant residency status. Non-residents often have to pay a larger deposit, but there are no restrictions on purchasing anywhere within the UK.

However, there are a few bits of information you may want to know before you make the decision.

Moving To The Isle Of Wight

Transport To & From The Isle Of Wight

The practicality of commuting to the mainland is that it can be relatively quick. Using the Wightlink passenger ferry can take 22 minutes to get to Portsmouth. The Hovercraft takes 10 mins but goes to Shanklin. From West Cowes, you can take the Red Funnel passenger ferry to Southampton in 25 minutes. From Yarmouth, there is a 40-minute ferry to Lymington Pier. While all are relatively quick commute times, they can be costly. 

Moving Your Things To The Isle Of Wight

If you are going to live on the island, you will need a way to safely & economically transport them to the island. Take a look at Isle of Wight Removals and Storage. This is the company that knows the island and transports to and from the UK & internationally. Not got your property ready for moving in? Then the wide range of storage solutions available will interest you. The company offers secure, fully insured storage facilities for short or long term use.

A Bit Of Info On The Geography Of The IOW

The Isle of Wight lies off the south coast of England in the British Channel, separated by a deep strait from the mainland, known as The Solent. The island is diamond-shaped and extends 22.5 miles from east to west and 15.5 miles from North to South.

Until 1890 the IOW was part of Hampshire. It then became a unitary authority—meaning it became responsible for all services available on the island, from education to housing—the island’s administrative centre in Newport.

Newport lies in the centre of the island, at the head of the Medina Estuary, about 5 miles from Cowes, its major port and internationally famous yachting centre. A historical trading town, it remains the agricultural centre for the island and is home to one of the UK’s maximum-security prisons, Parkhurst.

Major Towns On The Isle Of Wight

  • Yarmouth 
  • Seaview
  • Bembridge 
  • Totland Bay 
  • Ventnor 
  • Freshwater 
  • Shanklin
  • Ryde 
  • Sandown
  • East Cowes 

Industry On The Isle Of Wight

The tourist industry is the primary economic source on IOW, but you will also find other sectors such as,

  • Boatbuilding
  • Marine engineering, 
  • Aerospace 
  • Plastics
  • Electronics 
  • Plus, work in the infrastructure of a busy county, schools, libraries, shops, social care etc.

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