How Much Do House Removals Cost on Average?

When moving to a new location, working with professional movers, such as Isle of Wight Removals, is essential. Even with ample preparations, moving home can be a daunting process without expert help. That is precisely why we at the Isle of Wight strive to deliver quality moving services turning what would have been a stressful event into a pleasant experience. For years now, we have proven to be the best choice for clients searching for house removal solutions in the Isle of Wight and beyond.

One of the most commonly asked questions by clients looking for house removal services is how much the process will cost. Well, while we guarantee our client affordable services, the ultimate cost of moving your home will depend on several factors, including:

The number of belongings

There is no doubt that the ultimate cost incurred in moving a one-bedroom house will vary from moving a three-bedroom house. With many items to move, we will require a bigger vehicle and more packaging materials. Besides, our team will have to spend more time wrapping, packaging, and loading your belongings onto the truck. 

To cut down on costs, we recommend that you analyze your items and check if there is anything that you might want to give away or dispose of. Once you contact us at Isle of Wight Removals, we will take the time to conduct a zero-obligation inspection on your items to provide you with a comprehensive and precise quotation.

Nature of items being moved

Delicate stuff requires special packaging, specialised equipment, and sometimes more helping hands, translating to higher moving costs. We offer our clients premium packaging materials to protect them from damage when moving. If you need your quality and fragile items dismantled and specially packed for the process, trust our capability to handle them with care.

If you need some items packed individually in boxes, trust us to provide these, or even better, take the burden off your shoulder and handle the packaging for you. Our moving team has been trained on adequate packaging. They, therefore, go over and beyond to ensure that your items get to their destination timely and safely.

Distance, labour hours and accessibility

It includes the distance between your origin and destination and the average time spent on your removal project. It is also essential that we understand your property’s accessibility in advance. This will help us decide on the right moving vehicle to use, the labour required, and whether to plan on alternative routes.

Suffice to say, moving over long distances is far costlier than short moves due to fuel costs. At the same, working with us guarantees you the ultimate value for your money.

Special Services

Before anything else, you might need to determine the type of services you will need. Do you need insurance during the move? Do your items require partial or full packaging? You might even like us to help you unpack. 

Will you need a detour to pick or drop an items). If you need such services, talk to us for prior planning. We will also help us provide you with a more precise quote.

Storage Services

If you need a place to hold your goods until you are settled in your new house or office, we have your back. We will provide you with a safe, affordable, and modular storage facility for all your items for as long as you need. There are many benefits of using storage when you are moving house.

Our storage units are clean, dry, and monitored round the clock by a cutting-edge CCTV system. You are, therefore, assured that your items will remain in their packages and safely kept until you are ready to have them delivered.

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