How Should I Budget When Moving House

Moving House Budget

Each and every house move has different budget requirements. Your budget often depends on where you live, where you are moving to and how you get there. Current research says the costs can vary between £7,500 – £11,777. Before you panic, remember that these amounts include the money involved in buying and selling a home.

That is estate agent fees, stamp duties, property surveying, valuations, legal fees, house insurance and maybe there will be differences in council tax payments. Barclays Bank puts the sum including these at around £11,777 in 2022.

For most people, the above costs are seen as part and parcel of the buying process and budgeted separately from the actual move. However, our focus is on the actual moving budget in this blog.

Planning Your Budget For A Move

Not everyone will be buying and selling a house. For example, you could be moving from rented accommodation in one area to another. 

Read on for some of the things you will need to think about when planning your budget.

Removal Firms 

Now, if your belongings are minimal, you might be able to hire a van and persuade family or friends to help you move. Costs vary around the country, but self-drive vans are readily available for around £85 per day. Remember to budget for food and drink for your helpers if you want to keep them happy.

Remember, though, you have to do the packing, so make sure you hire the right size van! Unfortunately, a self-move is when breakages can occur as helpers—family or friends—tend not to have the know-how that experienced movers have. Also, moving heavy furniture or unique furniture like antiques or musical instruments requires specialist knowledge. 

Are you decided on having a removal firm involved? Don’t forget to get several quotes. Check the firm’s credentials; cheapest is not always best. You want experienced movers like Isle Of Wight Removals who have a proven track record and insurance included in the price.

Getting Rid Of Rubbish

Moving home is a great time to declutter, especially if downsizing homes. However, remember to factor in the costs of taking your stuff to charity shops or the tip. If you know you will have a lot, consider a skip for a couple of days. The cost might outweigh all the to and froing of taking your unwanted items away, not just in money but in time too.

Do You Need Storage?

There can be delays between moving out of one house and moving into another. If this is going to be the case for you, you need to check out storage solutions. Placing your goods into secure storage can cost around £35 per day, depending on size and location. A good removal firm will often have various storage options available.

Moving Pianos

A piano requires specialist removal. You need to ask your removers for a quote regarding this. Depending on the type of piano and the distance travelled, you can expect to pay within £75 – £600. 

Cleaning House

Do you have time to clean your own house before you leave or your new property? If not, you may have to budget for the cleaning by either professional or local cleaners.

Other Budget Considerations

  • Redirecting mail can cost around £34 per month.
  • Paying to install utilities like broadband, TV, water, gas and electricity.
  • If not using a legitimate removal firm, the cost of insuring your furniture and belongings for the move.
  • Again if not using a removal firm, you will need to purchase boxes, packing tape & bubble wrap. Plus pens for labelling.
  • Takeaways for when you can’t cook.

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