9 Tips For Moving Office

Relocating your office is a major decision and not one taken lightly. However, it is time to plan once you have decided to move. Ensuring your relocation is smooth, efficient and successful takes organisation. So our first tip would be – ‘start early!’

1. Preparation

# Good preparation is essential to a successful move, be that a home or a business. Unfortunately, moving an office and ensuring all the work goes on, as usual, can create additional stress. Reading through these tips can help you navigate the moving process with the least amount of upheaval. They are helpful for either a large or a small office.

2. Budget

# Once you know the move is happening, establish your moving budget alongside appointing a person to coordinate the relocation process. While it requires a team effort to relocate, a designated project manager is a must to keep the whole plan coordinated and on track to meet deadline dates. 

3. Removal Company

# Research removal firms to find the ones that are certified, well-established and insured. Then, if it fits within your budget, select a full moving service company. A service that not only packs up all the office equipment and sundries but loads unloads, and unpacks at the new destination. Working alongside a reputable removal firm like Isle of Wights Removals UK not only ensures the move from the old site is as seamless as possible, but they will offer expert guidance and assistance with preparing your new office for the move.

4. Space Management

# Make sure your stuff fits into the new location. Get the dimensions of your largest items, conference tables, large electrical equipment, anything that takes up a lot of room. You need to know if they will not fit before you move! 

5. Declutter

# Take this opportunity to declutter your office. Get rid of, or donate furniture and equipment you do not need – talk to your accountant as donations can be ‘write-offs’ for tax purposes. Shred old paperwork and clear out your storage. 

6. Storage facilities

# If downsizing your office, you will have to decide what you are doing with any extra items. It may be necessary to store them for the immediate future. To facilitate this, it is a good idea to check if your removal firm has secure storage facilities.

7. Get Staff To Help

# Get your staff decluttering their workspace and packing up their essentials. Remember to clearly label any boxes not packed by the moving team, about contents and where they are going in the new office. 

8. Keep Staff up to Date

# Keeping staff in the know is essential as change can be unsettling for everyone. Not knowing what is happening can harm morale. Let them know the moving objectives, who is doing what and when. Encourage your staff to contribute with ideas and suggestions. Keep them all updated.

9. IT Equipment

# Get your IT sorted! Moving your data, disconnecting and reconnecting your tech needs a planned approach. As with the preparation for the whole relocation, start early. Ensure all your current data is backed up. Using a cloud-based digital management system is best and complies with GDPR -General Data Protection Regulations.

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