When to book a Removals Company

Moving home can be a headache. On top of all the paperwork and negotiations, phone calls, and organising things like utilities and post, you also need to physically move your possessions from A to B. 

Additionally, packing up an office can be a pain as you, in some cases, need to pause business operations to make the move.

Trying to do it all yourself can be a logistical nightmare. How will you fit all your stuff in the van? How can you carry your heavy items? Will everything arrive in one piece? Who will drive the van? Where will you even hire a van from, and how big do you need it to be?

Take some of the hassles out of moving when you use a professional and reliable removal company like Isle of Wight Removals.

In operation since 1999, the trusted Isle of Wight Removals has gained a great reputation for being specialists in helping people move home.

Covering all aspects of moving, from packing through transport to unloading, you can be assured of the safe transit of your goods with a professional and friendly service.

When Should I Book a Removals Company?

Ideally, you should arrange your removals company as soon as possible. Try to give as much notice as possible, ideally at least four weeks, to ensure availability on your chosen date. Keep in mind that Fridays and dates towards the end of the month are often the busiest times.

Do I Need to Pack by Myself?

You can pack your possessions yourself if you prefer, as Isle of Wight Removals can provide you with everything to need to safely and securely wrap, protect, and pack up your belongings.

Alternatively, trust the team to take care of it for you. They know how to efficiently and carefully pack everything for the smoothest transit and to prevent damage on the journey. They have the skills and knowledge to dismantle and reassemble items if required.

What If There’s a Delay Between Moving Out and Moving In?

Sometimes, people need to vacate their old property sometime before they can move their possessions into their new property. This leaves the question of what to do with all of their belongings.

Isle of Wight Removals will pack everything into the container (or you can do it yourself) and take it from point A to the secure warehouse for storage until you are ready to move into your new place.

Short-term and long-term storage is available, and your items remain sealed in the original container to minimize handling risks. The storage facility is monitored round the clock by CCTV for added peace of mind.

Do I Need Insurance?

All of your items are insured while in transit or storage with Isle of Wight Removals. Insurance covers loss and breakages. You may need extra cover, however, for certain valuable items like pianos and antiques. Make sure to discuss this when getting a quote for removals.

Do I Need to Unload the Van?

Not at all. Isle of Wight Removals’ professional team will unload all of your items on arrival at your new premises. Simply say where you want boxes to go and they’ll do it. No need to worry about heavy lifting or juggling boxes.

Simplify moving and look forward to a smooth moving day. Contact Isle of Wight Removals to discuss your removal requirements and for a competitive no-obligation quote.

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